27 April 2011

The Resurrection


*blows the dust off her blog*

I’m back. I was cheating on my blog with a thing called Tumblr. It made my so-called blogging life easy. All I had to do was follow other Tumblrs and reblog their posts. No thinking involved. Just go to my dashboard, check out my feeds and re-post. #lazyblogging

Here’s the thing with my Tumblr: If you don’t tumble, you can’t comment. Or something like that. So when I’d post like an 80’s Ebony magazine cover of Denise Huxtable, folks would click on it and probably want to comment. But, can’t. Blower, right? I rarely post any original content. Just photos. Maybe 1 or 2 quotes/tweets. A few interesting articles. That’s about it. Plus, I have a MAC. The layout is dope on MACs. But when viewed on PCs (my work computer), it’s all out of wack. Just doesn’t look as cool as I see it when I click publish. That’s not fair.

My cousin jokingly, (but so sincerely) complained about me clogging her feed on Facebook. My beau said he doesn’t click on my Tumblr at all. It’s just too much. *sigh* My linesister said this in her best Brooklyn accent… “Yo. What’s good with your blog? That tumblr sh*t is dumb, yo! Just pix. What’s up with the content you used to post?” She made me feel like I was something like a subpar blogger, which is good because I don’t think I’m a blogger/writer at all. I just rant and post. After my loved ones shared their thoughts with me, I immediately decided to resurrect this here blog.

P.S. I’m still keeping my Tumblr, though. Just staggering my posts. My fellow tumblr Defending Champs shared that tip with me. Thanks, Wes.

BRB with my first post in 5 months…



ShaPenny said...

Welcome back!!!

cranberry simone said...

the tumblr's i have seen have both kinds of content-- photos and text-- but either way as you note i think it is the lazy man's blog. you have a relevant and interesting point of view, along with a captive audience so it makes sense to USE it (to your and their) advantage. i look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.

PS: LMFAO @ your "line sister with her best brooklyn accent"!!! welcome back "yo."

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