28 June 2010

2010 BET Awards Recap

Haven’t done an awards show recap in a while. My friends seem to like my commentary. So why not post it on this thing called my blog, which I've neglected like a stepchild? I actually got a blog itch about 40 minutes into the show. I didn't tweet nor read any tweets during the airing. I was so focused on talking my homie's head off about who wore what, "Oh no she didn't", "That was BIG B.E.T", etc. LOL! I'm going to try and regurgitate all my slick remarks from last night.

Before I do so, let me just tell yall that I planned my entire Sunday around this awards show. No Lie! I was in DC this weekend. I purposely purchased the 1:30pm Bolt Bus ticket back to the city...arriving at 5:45pm just so I'd have enough time to get settled in. Grab my dinner. And prepare myself for 3+ hours of straight entertainment honoring my people!!

I don't know about yall, but I hate watching award shows alone. I end up talking to myself, laughing at my own jokes, dancing extra hard, etc. No fun. I need an audience. Luckily, my homie was in the errea needing a 42" plasma to watch the show. "Sure, come over!"

Now, let's start the (pre) show. I missed the entire red carpet. The Bolt hit mad traffic on the NJ Turnpike. I wasn't too concerned about that because BET is airing a special tonight called "Who Wore What?" tonight at 8p. I'll catch that later. I also missed the performances on the red carpet too. Usually nobodies with new singles. If I get bored at work today, I guess I can log on to http://www.bet.com/ and check them out.

Now let's start the show show!!!
Ye opened on a mountain, I hear. Yea, I missed that part too. Eh...

All HAIL THE QUEEN!! Great opening. In fact, I think she's awesome at hosting these types of shows. Lots of energy, humor, great stage presence. She's just dope to me. Her opening skit was tight! We forgot she could flow, huh? Yea, she started with the jazzy flow first. But then she hits us with the freestyle at the end. Fiyah! She held it down up there. She actually looked slim up there. When I say slim, I'm mainly talking about her arms. I didn’t' see any wings (you know that fat hanging from the biceps? Yea... that) Get it, Queen!

First presenter---> Mrs. Jada Pinket-Smith. Fly. Effortless. She does dis!!! Her hot pants were nothing but classy to me. Not exactly sure why I feel that way. She came out. I was like... Damn Jada! Nice! No judgment.

Alicia Keys! Isn't she simply adorable? I saw her baby bump on Good Morning America in her cute off-white romper. She makes it look so easy. You know... playing the piano, in 6 inch Loubos, 5 months prego, climbing on pianos and carrying on. Easy right? Oh and singing her a$$ off while doing all of the above.

#Superwoman. Swizzy scored big! He also did well with that ring he got her! I mean, she deserves it. You can't give Alicia Keys some short sh*t when it comes to bling. Come on! It's Alicia Keys! Come Correct. He did! Well done!

Usher - Why didn't he do “OMG?” I'm sure the crowd would have preferred that over "There Goes My Baby!" And who at BET was in charge of the smoke machine? Yall know exactly what I'm talking about. I’ll touch on that a little later.

Every year, BET has some sort of reunion. One year ,they had the cast of "Good Times," another year, the cast of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” I think Jodeci reunited on the BET Awards, too. Last year, they had the cast of "Boyz in the Hood." So I asked my roomate who could be this year's reunion. Dru Hill came to mind... but no one really cares about them. Who could it be?

Then, the lovely Nia Long comes out looking BAD as hell in that fly a$$ multi-color, strapless dress! As soon as she hit the stage, I knew exactly what BET was going to do next. LOVE JONES! Probably one of the best love stories in Black Cinema to date! #Score for BET!

Nicki, Nicki, Nicki! Now, I like this girl! Can't hate. She's the hottest female MC in the game right now! Here's my thing: I feel like she's trying to be the Lady Gaga of Hip Hop!

Hip Hop don't need that. No, we really don't! Ok, the colorful wigs... Yea, that's her thing!

However, she looks mad artificial up there. Straight Up. Just over the top for me. Congrats on her win, though. SMH!
So back to that smoke machine operator...What the hell happened? Diddy-Dirty Money ---> My 2nd favorite performance of the night! He starts out with the Flocka joint... "I got my billions up, effin with the white folks"... (that's my sh*t). Did yall see Flocka up there? Yes, Waka Flocka Flame! He was up there with Diddy. Yall didn't see him?!!?? You know why? Cus of that damn smoke machine!!! You couldn't see anyone! Hell, I barely missed him. All I saw was a tall, slim youngin with locks flying everywhere. I promise you that was Flocka! I asked a few people after the show if they saw him up there. Waka Flocka Flame? Yes! Flocka! SMH!

Shout out to Diddy and the strobe light. Made me wanna jump up! "Hello.... Good Morning." Ricky Rozay! Did he drop the ROSS? I like calling him Rozay and I like spelling it that way. LOL! Again! Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. It's rapping, boo. Why must you lip sync? Busta did his part at the end. LOL! If Busta can do his million words a minute flow, you can too, ma!

A good look for B.O.B! "Airplanes" is my jam. Mainly because of the white girl Hayden singing on the hook. Ok last night, that wasn't the white girl. That was Keisha Cole on the hook. Um... I like the white girl better.

Shout out to Keisha and her post baby body. And shout out to her baby daddy, Boobie Gibson...who I thought was sitting too close to Prince. That's just my opinion. Then, Em comes out. He was on the orginial of "Airplanes." In my opinion, BET, yall shoulda scratched Keisha Cole from the show and let B.O.B do his set with the white chick, Hayden and the white boy, Eminiem. Just a suggestion.
Em! "I'm Not Afraid"---> my jam. Reminds me of the old Marshall Mathers... Remember Stan?

TIP! We missed you man! Happy to have you back. You and Tiny are too cute! I love yall together. Shout out to Travis Barker. You know what? I think rappers like having the white drummers at these award shows. Travis has made a few appearances alongside a few rappers. Snoop Dogg last year, as a matter of fact.

Then Luda ends the show with Tommy Effin Lee on the drums! See what I mean?

Back to Tip & the Takers! This movie was supposed to have been come out... like Feb! But, Tip was in the BING, Brezzy was trying to redeem himself from the whole domestic violence shituation. Just a lot going on for the cast of the "Takers". I guess they’re back and the movie looks sick! Given the opportunity, I'll holler at the entire cast. No shame! Have you seen the trailer?

Skateboarder Terry Kennedy! Fine! But I won't be watching the show. Sorry :(

Jermaine Jackson, lemme ask you this... so you went to the barber shop and told the barber you wanted "this" done to your fade? SMH!

The highly anticipated MJ tribute by Chris Brown! Hands down the best performance of the night! He killed it and shoulda killed it last year! But you know what, I'm glad he did it this year. Too much drama in the building last year. Jay-Z and his "so called" threats. It was just too much. But, this year was perfect! No Jay-Z in sight. The coast was clear! Well overdue. He murdered the stage. Good thing he skipped "Beat it"(Awww Nat!!) LOL! The light up suits were hot! Oh and the sequin cardy. Sha-weet!

Shout out to Chris Brown's PR team! Awesome job with the "Man in the Mirror." I mean, really! Who's idea was that? The sound of the chorus gets me teary-eyed. At MJ's memorial service last year, they played the "Man in the Mirror." I was crying like a baby! The song is touching as hell! Think of the video from the 80's... all those starving Etherlopians (I can say that cus those are my people)... had me in tears. So yall gonna put Chris Brown up there to sing Man in the Mirror as he reflects on his mistakes over the past 2 years? I was almost in tears reflecting for this guy's mistakes! Tough Man! But! He's forgiven and He's back! Plus, he got the Fandemonium Award! He's back like he left something! Holla!

Something was brought to my attention after Chris Brown's breakdown performance... Drake's turn! He starts off with "Fireworks." If you listen to the lyrics, Drake goes "Who woulda thought Lucky Strike would bring us together." Yall remember when him and Rih "hooked up" at the Lucky Strike in Nyc? So he sings Fireworks (which very well could be about Rihanna) immediately after Chris Brown breaks down in tears about Rihanna. Am I reaching with this one?

Anyway, Drake shoulda sang "Find Your Love"... That joint cranks in the club. I mean, last night, I really just wanted someone to feel on when the DJ played that. No seriously!

103!!! Me: What's 103? Him: You know his 1st album...101, etc. Me: Ahhhh 103!!! Jezzy walked away with a BET award for HARD w/ Rih!

St. Lucious Left Foot--->Shout out to Big Boi! Album in Stores July 6th! "Shutterbug" cranks!

So I thought to myself "Who is Trey Songz new youngin?" She's cute. Oh that's your mom! She's bad! Bad meaning good! She looks amazing! So proud of her baby! MILF is an understatement!

Debarge! How the hell did he get a 45 minute set? I mean, I loved it! I have their greatest hits! But I know the kids at home were like "Who's dat mommy?" LOL! New album "Second Chance" in stores soon!

Black Ty, aka, Tyreese and his tribute to the Late Great Teddy P! Classic! His voice is so velvety. I love! Did yall know Tyreese was a paul bearer at Teddy P's funeral? Apparently, they were very close. First Lady of BET, Ms. Debra Lee--> I hated her dress. But her dress probably cost more than my apartment. Real Talk!

Hey! Look who showed up! Prince! In his pajamas and white pumps! Betcha you won't say it to his face. Prince is and always will be straight to me. The heels & eyeliner means nothing in terms of faggotry when it comes to Prince Rogers Nelson!

Trey's "Yo Side of the Bed" performance was kinda blah to me. Um... then he does Purple Rain! Prince's face read "BET, this better not be my tribute for the lifetime achievement award... I'm just saying." Then Patti comes out and does the instrumental to Purple Rain! Who needs words when Patti is singing. I mean, it's Patti! Say Something!

Janelle Monae is so cute! I love her. "Let's Go Crazy" was perfect for her! This chick does exactly that at EVERY show. Esperanza Spaulding, I've heard so much about her. Never heard her sing! She's dope! Alicia! Prego climbing on pianos. Totally unexpected! Awesome!

BET ends the show with Luda, Khalid, Rozay, Diddy, Busta, Nicki,Tpain & Tommy Lee! Nice!

Looking forward to next year, BET! Job well done!



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Dylan said...

Great show! And who ever is writing the captions for all this I would love to meet u..lol u r super funny and I'm lmao at to captions

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