26 January 2010

Viral Vlogs: 1.26.10

L-Boogie still got it. Don't yall miss her? The footage is a little shaky, but it still got me hype! And why is she always doing shows overseas? Never in the states!!

Hope for Haiti - Wonder who wrote "Stranded?" Bono or Jigga? Def not Rih! I like it!

Clef on Oprah - Tear Jerking :(

Monique at the Globes - I heard she won, but didn't see her acceptance speech. Why she always so serious? Kinda like Steve Harvey nowadays. I miss the Queens/Kings of Comedy! Congrats, MO! When do the Oscar nods come out? I know "Precious" is going to clean up! Like "Slumdog Millionaire" did last year.

Kardashians on Lopez Tonight -Now, that's a funny Latino! They still didn't answer the question though. Hmmmm...



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