14 January 2010

Nat Talks Sports!

Superbowl 44 is just around the corner! Miami again. I went in 07, the last time it was in Miami. All expense-free. #justbragging #getlikeme

I was reading the paper this morning and realized there are only 8 teams left in the playoffs. This weekend will consist of a lot of lazy, laying up football watching. #sheswifeable. Monday is a holiday! Ooowww!

NYJ vs. Chargers; 1/16 @4:40p CBS (Go Diego!)
Gavens vs. Colts; 1/16 @8:15p CBS (Go B-more; hometown thing. But, Indy got this)

Min vs. Cowgirls; 1/17 @1p FOX (Like most people, I'm Anti-Dallas just cus I feel like it)
Cards vs. NO; 1/17 @4:30p FOX (AZ in the playoffs again. I was so cheering for Fitz last year (click here). And here. Now it's Fitz vs. Reggie. This is hard. I'm going with Nawlins, namely because of Drew Brees and his cool ass name)

Real Quick: Reggie covers the February issue of Essence. *heart flutters*

I got Minnesota winning the NFC. Diego got the AFC.

Your thoughts?



Shanita said...

Owwww...I like your picks with the exception of Indy over B-more. My Ravens were quite convincing last week and I'm going to jump out there and put my money on the home team...BALTIMORE stand up!!!

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