29 December 2008

Nat Update

Hey Guys!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

Ok... If you haven't noticed I've been slacking on my blogging lately. Been in DC since the 19th. Had to handle some business on the homefront, start my holiday shopping, and help my family prepare for their trip the Ethiopia!! They left this morning ;( Will be gone until inauguration weekend. I miss them already!! My mom hasn't been back in 37 years. This will be the 1st time for my 3 cousins and younger brother. AWWW!! Why didn't I go, you ask? No $$$$ and not enough leave. Plus, I went last year. Let them experience it.

So, that's the reason for slacking on the blog. I missed 2 Top 5 Fridays. I was gonna post a Christmas Edition... but I got lazy. If you still want me to post it, let me know!

They got me on the plantation today :( And I'm using this time wisely: 1) Uploading photos to Facebook, 2) After Christmas online shopping (VS Semi-Annual Sale starts today), and 3) Update the blog!

Let's start with Man Laws!!

Natalie Naomi


Shanita said...

Yep...loggong onto VS.com as we speak! Definitely could have used the Christmas edition of Top 5 Fridays...you can still post before the New year. Hell if they're still showing Christmas movies you can still post...just do it! Man Laws are still funny as you know what...LOL at the baby oil gel and pink oil moisturizer!!!

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